Not Boring. Not Braggy. 

Strike a confident and engaging balance when talking about your work. We'll discover the through-lines and stories in your professional life that will do the "heavy lifting" and let others know what you do best.

It’s not just her writing skill that made working with Claire such a great experience (though she has that in spades), but her insightful questions really got at the heart of what I wanted people to feel when reading my bio. Her knowledge of the entertainment industry also meant that she curated which work experiences the bio highlighted in an effective way. I now have something that I’m proud to share.
— Sarah Sido


This collaborative approach will not only result in a great piece for your publicity materials, but it will also deepen your self-respect and get you even more excited about where you're going. 

How it works:

  • First, I'll review your current bios, resume/photos/reels, online presence, and any other relevant work samples.
  • Then,  I'll send you a questionnaire about your goals and your bio's audience.
  • Next, I'll write one draft and send it to you for feedback. I'll write a second draft and get your feedback again.
  • Finally, I'll revise and offer you suggestions on what to highlight/cut for different purposes (for example, your website bio vs. your theater bio).

The process usually takes 7-14 days, depending on how quickly you provide feedback.  I love to incorporate any personal branding work you've done, such as Sam Christensen Image work. Rush service is available.

Take a look at sample client bios to learn more. 

At the end of our work, you'll have a dynamic biography that will serve you for years to come and recommendations on how to add new credits and adapt it for different purposes. 



Story Sessions/Interview Coaching

A life in the arts can be pretty rough-and-tumble. It's sometimes difficult to remember the highlights and to speak positively about the challenges. We'll examine your story and practice talking about it. By the end of our sessions, you'll be eager to share your story and feel confident in your ability to make an authentic connection with your interviewer.

How it works:

I'll review your website, online profiles, and work samples. Then I'll send you a questionnaire about your goals, your feelings about your career, and any challenges you have talking about your work. Next, we'll schedule three 60-minute sessions to talk by phone or Skype/Facetime.

  • Session 1 - We'll discuss the issues that surfaced in your questionnaire.
  • Session 2- We'll practice talking about the strengths and sticky spots in your professional life. This is usually where you'll practice generating positive responses to the questions you dread! You'll also practice talking about what you're really happy about in your work life. We'll finish by making a game-plan for your final session.
  • Session 3 - In this session, we'll craft a custom project designed to take your professional story into its next chapter. For some, this may be writing their website copy or an Artists Statement; for others it's creating a treatment or an outline for a web series or short film. The sky's the limit.

Story Sessions are designed to powerfully change the way you feel about your career. With a deeper respect for your journey and new insights on what makes your work tick, you'll be able to communicate to your target audience more effectively. You'll also have stimulating and concrete next steps to take in your work. 



Film/Theater Synopses, Mission & Artist Statements

Let your audience know what makes your work special and how it got that way. We'll work together to create a mission statement for your theater, gallery, or production company. Or you might want my input and edits on an Artist Statement for grant applications or fellowship programs. I've also written short and long-form synopses for films and theater websites, festival applications and distribution packets. To discuss pricing, process, and time-frames, send an inquiry form with information about your project and company/organization. 


I was submitting to Actors Access and LA Casting but not getting responses. I knew I needed to make some tweaks to my online profiles but wasn’t sure what. When we talked, she had done her homework, which I appreciated immensely. She looked over my online presence and said that my web site had a lot of personality - she called it ‘gold’ - that was not reflected on my casting profiles. She suggested a dozen or so tweaks that would add more color to my work. Not only did she suggest ‘material’ improvements, but she also guided me towards a better understanding of what it is about me that is different from everybody else.
— Loren Kling
I was seeing much of my past as a burden, especially since I started this path at a later age. Claire helped me explore my past and see the gold in the road I’ve taken so far. She helped me create my “story” in a way that relates to the roles I like to play and shows the personal, unique feelings and background I bring to these roles. She urged me to do the exercises in a way that dug into my soul. It should not have felt easy, but it actually made me feel lighter and warmer towards my history. This gave me the confidence to talk more easily about my career with others. I’ve worked with other people with acting career work, but the fact that Claire is an actor herself brings a very personal knowledge that is lacking in others. It is a very practical yet personal approach to finding your true self in your work.
— Ellie Grisaffi