Find your people.  

The heart of work is problem-solving - for our customers, our companies, and our communities. An outside eye can help you see how you've been most effective in the past. We can position your 'soft skills' and the seemingly-unrelated parts of your life (hobbies, parenting, a parallel career) to appeal to clients and employers.

Professional Biography

Create a compelling narrative of your work. Effectively share facets of your personality that will distinguish you from the crowd. We'll gladly incorporate any personal branding work into your bio, such as Sally Hogshead's Fascinate System. 

  • First, I'll review your resume(s), LinkedIn profile, and publicity/work samples.
  • I'll then send you a customized questionnaire about your intended audience and professional goals. We'll schedule a phone call do discuss issues from your questionnaire.
  • Next, I'll deliver a first draft. You'll respond with feedback. I'll write a second draft and then incorporate a final round of feedback.  
  • The final draft is delivered in 7-10 days, depending on how quickly you can provide feedback, and you'll receive suggestions on edits to make for various outlets and audiences (for example, your firm bio versus your teaching bio).

Bios are 150 - 750 words, depending on length and complexity of career.  At the end of the process, you'll have an engaging bio in various formats that will serve you for years to come. 

$295 - $850



LinkedIn Summary

Create a compelling headline and summary. 

  • First, I'll review your resumes, online presence, and work samples.
  • Then, I'll send you a customized questionnaire regarding your professional goals and challenges you've had marketing yourself.
  • Next, I'll generate a new LinkedIn attention-grabbing headline and detailed summary (which you can also use as a short-form bio).
  • Finally, I'll send you a custom guide to updating and maintaining your LinkedIn profile. 

At the end of the process, you'll have a LinkedIn profile designed to attract the top recruiters in your field. You'll also have a greater appreciation of your past achievements and more clarity around your goals. Due to the nature of this work, I can't publish samples on this website. If you'd like to see examples, however, we can schedule a phone consultation and I'll be happy to share. 



Interview Coaching

I'd say "practice makes perfect," but perfect never closes the deal. Instead, let's build, explore, and expand your work narrative so that you're relaxed and ready to improvise no matter what comes your way. 

  • I'll begin by reviewing your resume and work samples.
  • Then I'll send you a questionnaire about concerns you've had with the interview process in the past and feelings you have about upcoming interviews.
  • Finally, we'll schedule a 90-minute in-person (in the LA area) or Skype session in which we'll troubleshoot sticky spots and rehearse various interview scenarios. I'll also send you interview prep and post-interview evaluation worksheets so you can stay on top of your game. 

Your optimism will grow as we craft positive responses to challenging questions and you practice speaking the stories of your achievements and goals. You'll learn how to adapt your preparation to meet the needs of each interview. 

First session $250 (90 minutes)

  • Includes pre-session phone consult and custom questionnaire to identify your goals, strengths and the areas you want to improve. 

Subsequent sessions: $125/hour or $65/half-hour


Presentation Coaching

Land your message while enjoying your moment in the spotlight. Presentation coaching will deepen your confidence and enhance your delivery. We'll work on your performance skills and simultaneously make sure the content of your presentation achieves its intended effect. Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles location; on-site coaching available for an additional fee. 




The Story of Your Business/Mission Statement   

Let your customers know where your business has been, where it's going, and what they'll get out of joining you. Create a clear and compelling story of how your business solves your customers' problems. Send an inquiry form with info about your work and the scope of project, and I'll respond with ideas on time-frames, process, and pricing. 


Dwight Scott, a recruiter with ExecuSearch in New York, (is) searching LinkedIn, potentially for you. Scott says he doesn’t spend a lot of time reviewing resumes of applicants. Instead he’s searching LinkedIn for potential hires. He says 65 percent of his placements this year are a direct result of reaching out to prospects on LinkedIn.
— Sally Herships, Does LinkedIn Work for Job Seekers? on Marketplace, Public Radio International

Photo by The Everett Collection