Client stories. Is yours next? 

From the moment we began our work together, I found Claire to be an exceptional listener, deeply insightful and someone who truly delivers excellence. I felt seen and known through her words. Though I am a writer, it was through the bio she wrote for me that I fully saw myself and understood the big picture of what I offer. Working with Claire is a beautiful, collaborative process. She invites and encourages all feed back. I thought her first draft was amazing but was so moved by how she refined and strengthened the second draft by leaps and bounds. She out did herself. Work with Claire. She is excellence and artistry embodied.
— Heidi Rose Robbins, Author & Speaker
It’s not just her writing skill that made working with Claire such a great experience (though she has that in spades), but her insightful questions really got at the heart of what I wanted people to feel when reading my bio. Her knowledge of the entertainment industry also meant that she curated which work experiences the bio highlighted in an effective way. I now have something that I’m proud to share.
— Sarah Sido
What I loved about the process was that it forced me to really dig deep to find the answers to questions I hadn’t really thought about, but that are so important in the grand scheme of things. I knew going into the process from having taken Claire’s workshop that she would produce something good. What surprised me was her attention to detail, her genuine interest, and how pleasant she is to work with. It really was a fun experience, and in the end my bio wasn’t just good, it was great.
— Neil Cox
After many interviews I subconsciously started to dislike and fear the question “Where is your accent from?” After just a few moments of working with Claire not only did I recognize what I had been doing, but she also gave me the tools to come about face and really focus on why I was there in the first place, which totally changed my attitude. I actually look forward to hearing the question in my next interview. My eyes were opened, my heart uplifted, and my journey towards my chosen career made less difficult. Claire gave us the ability to open up to our own voices and allow ourselves to be the best that we could be at that exact moment in time. By far, the most life changing and affirming workshop that I could ever hope to have.
— Adrienne Ellis
I hired Claire to write the bios and copy for the website for my film Chez Upshaw, starring Kevin Pollak and Illeana Douglas. I was hesitant to hire someone - why couldn’t I do this myself? I’m a writer! But Claire’s accessible professional writing voice and critical eye helped take the site to another level. She gave the bios thrust and structure and created a synopsis of the movie that carried its excitement and energy.

It was a true collaboration - she pushed us through the hard parts (dealing with publicists, web developer deadlines). She gave me space to articulate my needs but always let me know if she thought we were headed in the wrong direction. Her care about the finished product was always evident. It’s not just another ‘job’ for her. She subsequently handled the research and correspondence for the film’s distribution with professionalism, creativity and follow-through.
— Bruce Mason, writer/director of Chez Upshaw
I needed to write a speech for my son in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. Every time I sat down to write I basically had writers’ block.  I knew what I wanted to say and how I felt but did not know how to get it all together in a concise and eloquent way. Claire asked me some key questions that made me think more deeply about the message I wanted to convey. After our first meeting I was given a rough draft that I was able to use as a starting off point.  I was able to take that and mold it into my own voice. I was hesitant about hiring someone to write a speech for me in general, but the end result is really me. Then she coached me in performance which gave me the confidence to speak publicly. That was key! Claire is so easy to work with and her suggestions were easy to understand and implement. I’m not an actress and have never taken an acting class, but I was able to use her direction easily. The end result was a heartfelt speech to my son, beautifully executed. Thank you Claire!!
— Mother, Wilshire Boulevard Temple Bat Mitzvah, Los Angeles
I had an upcoming meeting with an agent and wasn’t sure how to articulate the story of my career as an actor in a way that was authentic to me and that highlighted my strengths. I wasn’t sure how to talk about myself! Claire helped me craft a personal, authentic and positive story to tell about my acting career so far. I felt clear and confident going into the meeting and I signed with the agent! Claire is an exceptional listener. She did not dictate an impersonal or rigid set of ideas for me. Rather, her guidance was based entirely on my unique situation and on my stated desires. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the process. It was a positive collaborative experience.
— Amanda Saunders
I was searching for new representation. I had been in the business a while and had a lot of good stuff on my plate, but I was getting overwhelmed and intimidated conveying this to potential representatives. I started coaching with Claire to learn how to better share my professional ‘story.’ We worked on my narrative of where I’d been, where I want to go, my strengths, my weaknesses – the story of my life in acting. Because I trusted that this ‘script’ represented me, I felt proud to speak my words; I felt confident that the words had the potential to move another person. I no longer doubted myself. Within a month of our last session, I signed with a bi-coastal management company.
— Elizabeth Raetz
I was submitting to Actors Access and LA Casting but not getting responses. I knew I needed to make some tweaks to my online profiles but wasn’t sure what. When we talked, she had done her homework, which I appreciated immensely. She looked over my online presence and said that my web site had a lot of personality - she called it ‘gold’ - that was not reflected on my casting profiles. She suggested a dozen or so tweaks that would add more color to my work. Not only did she suggest ‘material’ improvements, but she also guided me towards a better understanding of what it is about me that is different from everybody else.
— Loren Kling
I was seeing much of my past as a burden, especially since I started this path at a later age. Claire helped me explore my past and see the gold in the road I’ve taken so far. She helped me create my “story” in a way that relates to the roles I like to play and shows the personal, unique feelings and background I bring to these roles. She urged me to do the exercises in a way that dug into my soul. It should not have felt easy, but it actually made me feel lighter and warmer towards my history. This gave me the confidence to talk more easily about my career with others. I’ve worked with other people with acting career work, but the fact that Claire is an actor herself brings a very personal knowledge that is lacking in others. It is a very practical yet personal approach to finding your true self in your work.
— Ellie Grisaffi