Grow, Change, Thrive.

Wit & Spark's workshops include:

  • Writing a Bio That Shines teaches artists and professionals how to create compelling professional biographies.

  • The Questions You Dread helps artists and professionals learn new, confidence-enhancing ways of answering the interview questions that make them anxious.

  • From The Inside Out helps entrepreneurs create bios and About pages that resonate with their ideal clients. 

  • Values-Based Goal-Setting helps individuals plan and prioritize tasks to make progress on their most meaningful desires. 


Each workshop can be customized for your group size and workshop time-frame. Workshops can be tailored for special events, such as birthdays and graduations, and adapted for different age groups. 

Thank you for challenging me to find the best in myself to present to industry professionals. I appreciate your encouragement to embrace all dimensions of myself in how I communicate. It was a pleasure to take your class.
— Nikki Jacobs on Writing a Bio That Shines

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Recent Workshops

Essential Bio Writing for Creatives - (live webinar)

The Questions You Dread - The SAG-AFTRA Conservatory

Values-Based Goal-Setting - Private Client Birthday Celebration

Writing a Bio That Shines - The Actors Key

Writing a Bio That Shines - The SAG-AFTRA Conservatory & SAG-AFTRA Foundation 

After many interviews I subconsciously started to dislike and fear the question “Where is your accent from?” After just a few moments of working with Claire not only did I recognize what I had been doing, but she also gave me the tools to come about face and really focus on why I was there in the first place, which totally changed my attitude. I actually look forward to hearing the question in my next interview. My eyes were opened, my heart uplifted, and my journey towards my chosen career made less difficult. Claire gave us the ability to open up to our own voices and allow ourselves to be the best that we could be at that exact moment in time. By far, the most life changing and affirming workshop that I could ever hope to have.
— Adrienne Ellis on Telling The Story of Your Career (an Interview Skills workshop)